Cut video using VLC

You can cut out a song from a movie very easily using VLC media player.

Play the video with VLC. Click Settings -> Bookmarks. Add bookmarks when song starts and song ends. Select the 2 bookmarks and click "Extract".

In the next window click "Transcode/save to file". Keep clicking next -> next....choose the path to save in last window.


  1. sai said...
    I mitra i have vlc 0.9

    Which version did YOU use?? Since vlc have changed their toolkit to Qt, their option-names/interface has taken quite a change!

    Next time post the version number bro!
    pluto said...
    i tried using bookmarks...but then i could not find any option to extract theses bookmarked cut videos....can anyone detail the process
    julia f. Baca said...
    T Dave said...
    Extract button/link not found

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